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      人教九年級英語Unit 14 學案



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      Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7.

      【學習內容】I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7.Section A 1a-2d ( Period 1 )

      【學習目標】1.掌握重點單詞和短語:survey,standard, row, keyboard, instruction, double, shall,win a prize, do a school survey, meet the standard of a strict teacher, meet this group of friends, score two goals in a row, learn to play the keyboard ,be patient with sb, work out the answer yourself, guide sb to do sth, put in more effort等。


      1. Junior high school days are over. Do you have any special memories?

      2. I remember I cored two goals in a row during a soccer competition.

      3. Which teachers will you miss the most after junior high school?

      4. She helped you to work out the answers yourself no matter how difficult they were.

      5. He always took time to explain