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      人教版九年級英語 Unit 14 Section A period 1 學案



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      Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7. Section A (1a—2d) 學案


      1. 學習并掌握下列單詞:

      survey, standard, row, in a row, keyboard, instruction, double, shall

      2. 能正確使用以下常用表達:

      remember doing sth., used to, be scared of, a teacher with high standards, in a row, learn to do sth., play the keyboard, be encouraged by , be patient with, no matter

      3. 能熟練掌握并使用下列重點句式:

      1)—Do you have any special memories? —I remember doing a school survey.

      2) He gave really clear instructions during P.E. class.

      3) Which teachers will you miss the most after junior high school?

      4) He always took the time to explain things to me clearly whenever I couldn’t understand anything.

      5) Because of her, I put in more effort and my exam scores doubled.

      6) —Shall we get each of them a card and gift to say thank yo