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      人教版九年級英語 Unit 14 Section A period 2 學案



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      Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7. Section A (3a—3c) 學案



      overcome, overcame, overcome, make a mess, graduate, keep one’s cool, caring, ours

      2. 能正確使用以下常用表達:look back at, try to do sth., overcome fear, prepare for, make a mess, keep my cool, caring teacher

      3. 學會使用以下句型:

      1) Trying to be on time for morning readings.

      2) I remember starting day one.

      3)Then slowly I made some new friends to remember forever.

      4) And now it’s time to graduate.


      重點詞匯、常用表達及句型。 在理解詩的含義的基礎上,分享個人過去的經歷。

      【新知預習】 根據句意和漢語提示完成單詞。

      1. —What is the main s__________ of this writing?

      —It is about the beginning of junior high school.

      2. I think I can o_________ all kinds of problems till I succeed.

      3. What are you going to be when you g _________ from junior high school?

      4. We’ll miss